Head of Division
Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky

Institut für Ökologie und Evolution
Telefon: +41 31 631 91 11
Telefax: +41 31 631 91 41
E-Mail:   claudia.leiser@iee.unibe.ch

Ethologische Station Hasli
Wohlenstrasse 50a
CH-3032 Hinterkappelen

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Universität Bern


SCIENCE ADVANCES Alternative male morphs solve sperm performance/longevity trade-off in opposite directions M. Taborsky, D. Schütz, O. Goffinet & G.S.van Doorn


Media release, University of Bern


Reciprocal trading of different commodities in Norway rats. M.K. Schweinfurth & M. Taborsky

PDF File
Nature research highlight
Current Biology dispatch

PNAS - Divergence of developmental trajectories is triggered interactively by early social and ecological experience in a cooperative breeder. Fischer, Bohn, Oberhummer, Nyman & B. Taborsky
PDF File
commentary on Fischer et al

PNAS - Predation risk drives social complexity in cooperative breeders. Groenewoud, Frommen, Josi, Tanaka, Jungwirth & Taborsky
PDF File

The evolution of cooperation based on direct fitness benefits. Phil Trans theme issue compiled and edited by Taborsky M., Frommen JG & Riehl C. (2016)
PDF File

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Kinship reduces alloparental care in cooperative cichlids where helpers pay-to-stay
Zoettl M., Heg D., Chervet N. & Taborsky M. (2013)

PDF File

Social competence: an evolutionary approach
Taborsky, B. & Oliveira, R.F.
PDF File

Larval helpers and age polyethism in ambrosia beetles
Biedermann P.H.W. & Taborsky M.
PDF File

Animal personality due to social niche specialisation
Bergmueller R. & Taborsky M.
PDF File

Environmental Change Enhances Cognitive Abilities in Fish
Kotrschal, A. & Taborsky, B.
PDF File

Extended phenotypes as signals
Franziska C. Schaedelin and Michael Taborsky
PDF File

On the Origin of Species by Natural and Sexual Selection
G. Sander van Doorn, Pim Edelaar, Franz J. Weissing
PDF File

Cambridge University Press
Alternative Reproductive Tactics: An Integrative

Oliveira R., Taborsky M. & Brockmann H.J.
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Information: Claudia Leiser, tel. +41 31 631 91 11 | E-mail



Hasli = Ethologische Station Hasli, Wohlenstrasse 50a, CH-3032 Hinterkappelen / how to find us ...
Baltz6 = Division Behavioural Ecology, Baltzerstrasse 6, CH-3012 Bern / how to find us ...


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Taborsky Michael Prof. Dr. Head of Division Hasli H 106 9156 E-Mail

Office Manager
S 025

Scientific Staff

Engelhardt Sacha Christoph Dr. Post-Doc Hasli H 001
9151 E-Mail
Frommen Joachim Priv. Doz./Dr. Privatdozent Hasli H 212 9162 E-Mail
SchĂĽtz Dolores Dr. Post-Doc Hasli H 002 9111 E-Mail
Taborsky Barbara
Prof./Mag./Dr. Professor
Hasli H 107 9157 E-Mail

Technical Staff

Bonfils Danielle Dipl.Biol. Laboratory tech. Baltz6 D 242 3025 E-Mail
Moser Marcel
Computer tech. Baltz6 S 135 3040 E-Mail
Wymann Markus
Caretaker Hasli H 003 079-
Wymann Bea

Zwygart Evi
Animal caretaker
Hasli S 022 079-


Antunes Diogo MSc Hasli H 004 9154 E-Mail
Arduini Lorenzo MSc Hasli H 105 9155 E-Mail
GarcĂ­a Ruiz Irene MSc Hasli H 105 9155 E-Mail
Josi Dario MSc Hasli H 210 9160 E-Mail
Groenewoud Frank MSc University of Groningen

La Loggia Océane MSc Hasli H 004 9154 E-Mail
Naef Jan MSc Hasli H 105 9155 E-Mail
Jon Andreja MSc Hasli/Baltz6 D 149 3015 E-Mail
Paulsson Niklas MSc Hasli H 001 9151 E-Mail
Reyes Contreras Maria Isabel MSc Hasli H 004 9154 E-Mail
Watve Mukta MSc Hasli H 108 9158 E-Mail


Durrer Loris Hasli

Freudiger Annika Hasli
H 210

Kettler Nina Kaya Hasli

Sutter Nicole Baltzerstrasse


List of previous members

Previous Scientific Staff

Bergmüller Ralph Post-Doc Université de Neuchatel
Braaker Sonja Assistentin III Eidg. Forschungsantalt fĂĽr Wald, Schnee und Landschaft WSL
Bruintjes Rick Post-Doc University of Bristol
Candolin Ulrika Post-Doc University of Helsinki
Engqvist Leif Dr.
Heg Dik
Universität Bern
Lantova Petra Post-Doc
Mitchell Jeremy Post-Doc Memorial University
Peer Katharina Post-Doc
Rankin Daniel Post-Doc University of ZĂĽrich
Raveh Shirley Guest Scientist
Rutte Claudia Post-Doc Université de Lausanne
Schädelin Franziska Post-Doc Konrad-Lorenz-Institut für Vergleichende Verhaltensforschung
Schneeberger Karin Post-Doc University of Potsdam
Schweinfurth Manon Dr. University of St. Andrews
Tanaka Hirokazu Dr.
ThĂĽnken Timo Post-Doc
Van Doorn Sander Post-Doc University of Groningen
von KĂĽrthy Corinna Dr.
Völkl Bernhard Guest Scientist

Previous PhD Students

Ph.D. Student
Bessert-Nettelbeck Mathilde Ph.D. Student
Biedermann Peter Ph.D. Student Max Planck Institue for Chemical Ecology
Choi Jin Ph.D. student (research fell.)
Dolivo Vassilissa Ph.D. student
Fischer Barbara Ph.D. Student
Fischer Stefan Ph.D. Student
Gfrerer (-Rieder) Nastassja Ph.D. student
GrĂĽter Christoph Ph.D. Student University of SĂŁo Paulo
Häsler Marcel Ph.D. Student Universität Bern - Eawag
Hilke Lukas Ph.D. Student
Jungwirth Arne Ph.D. Student Cambridge University
Kasper-Völkl Claudia Mag.
Kotrschal Alexander Ph.D. Student Uppsala Universitet
Lesmono Kristiani Ph.D. Student
Quiñones Paredes Andrés Ph.D. Student
Riebli Thomas Ph.D. Student
SchĂĽrch Roger Ph.D. Student University of Sussex
Segers Francisca Ph.D. Student
Skubic Eva Ph.D. Student Universität Wien
Wikström Cecilia Ph.D. student
Wirtz Sabine Ph.D. Student École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Zöttl Markus Ph.D. Student Linnaeus University

Previous Students

Aeschbacher Jonathan MSc Student
Andrist Claude Diplomand
Arnold Cornelia Diplomandin
Aschwanden Sybille Diplomandin
Bannier Francis Intern
Bachmann Sybille MSc Student
Basieux Nicole Diplomandin
Bayani Dario-Marcos MSc Student
Bender Nicole MSc Student University of Bern
Bohm Lena MSc Student
Bucher Myrta Diplomandin
Chervet Noemie MSc Student Agroscope
Cunha Filipa MSc Student
Eggimann Franziska Diplomandin
Ermeidou Chrysavgi MSc Student
Gerber Barbara Diplomandin
Gerber Nina MSc Student Universität Zürich
Gerritsma Yoran MSc Student
Goffinet Oliver Diplomand
Gygax Michelle MSc Student
Heg-Bachar Zina Diplomandin
Hekmann Renske Diplomandin
Hirt Nicole Diplomandin
Jutzeler Eva Diplomandin
Lasut Liane MSc Student
Lehner Stephan Diplomand University of ZĂĽrich
Leuenberger Jonas MSc Student
Maldonado Mattia MSc Student
Meister Andrea Diplomandin
Mörikofer Basil Diplomand
Pereira Ana-Paila MSc Student
Oberhummer Evelyne MSc Student
Ory Nicolas Diplomand University of HongKong
Ott Thomas Diplomand
Rosso Marianna MSc Student
Rothenberger Susan Diplomandin
Salzmann Andrea MSc Student
Schmid Res Diplomand
Schreier Tanja MSc Student
Spahni Cornelia Diplomandin
Sharda Sakshi MSc Student
Steinegger Marc Diplomand Université de Neuchatel
Stettler Pia MSc student
Stieger Binia MSc Student
Stratmann Ariane MSc Student Universität Bern
Tschirren Linda MSc Student
Weber Jan MSc Student
WĂĽrgler Michael MSc Student
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